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Centro Ufologico Nazionale
UFO news - Apr. 10Th 1998

The "february green fireball"

On february 11 1998 at 6.30 p.m. a ball of light flied throug the sky in the following provinces of Northern Italy: Varese, Brescia, Cremona, Mantova, Parma and Piacenza

Apparently the trajectory of the light was descending from North West to South East.

Many witnesses saw the strange object and everybody agree about its trajectory and speed. Besides the witnesses remember a trail that the object left behind itself

Mostly remember that the light was green. Anyway some witness talked about a red light.

The most resonable assumption is that the light was caused by a meteorite.

However, a woman living in Caorso said that the object had an ascending trajectory. If this will be demonstrate, we colud suppose that the object were controlled by a sort of intelligence. Anyway this assumption coludn't be verified for now.

On february 18 the phenomena took place another time in Lombardia.

In the late afternoon some witnesses near Cremona reported a spherical object with a trail, that moved through the sky at an high speed.

Source: CUN Milan, CUN Cremona