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Centro Ufologico Nazionale
UFO news - Apr. 10Th 1998

Sigthings in the "lakes district"

In the middle of February a man (an helicopter pilot), living in Como province, saw a bright object flying over Mount Generoso. The object has been filmed and photographed by the witness himself. Ufologists say that the "object" was probably Venus and that the "movement" could be caused by an optical illusion.

On March 3, at 4.00 a.m., Mrs. Patrizia Polvara, who lives in Maggianico (Lecco province) came near the window of her house, because she heard a noise caused by a car crash down in the street. When she was at the window she noted a white light with a halo and an orange trail. The light was very bright and apparently had a huge size (the witness said four times the size of a car wheel).

The object had a descending trajectory and the woman believed it was going to impact on Mount Magnodeno (1200 mt.).

The phenomena took place only for an instant.

Source: CUN Milan, CUN Lecco