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Centro Ufologico Nazionale
UFO news - Apr. 10Th 1998

Dark objects on Monza and strange traces in Brianza

At the end of febraury near the city of Monza the local section of CUN had two sigthings reported. In two differents times, two witnesses described a big dark cloud

that was moving in the sky obscuring the stars. The big object didn't produce any sound and its direction was from South to North.

On December 6 a strange trace (27 cm.) was found by a man in Carate Brianza. Apparently this trace was a sort of foot-print but there are no animals that could cause those kind of print.

Anyway our investigators didn't find any anomaly on the ground where the trace has been found. There are no evidence that this event could be connected with the UFO phenomenology.

Fonti: CUN Milan, CUN Monza and Brianza