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Centro Ufologico Nazionale
UFO news - Apr. 10Th 1998

CE-1 in Cremona

On January 26 1998 between 10.15 p.m and 10.30 p.m. two witnesses living in Stagno Lombardo (Cremona province) noted above a farmhouse a red light with a diameter of 4 mt.

The light remained stationary for ten minutes at an altitude of 20 mt., and then it started to move towards the witnesses. Observing the light the witnesses saw two smaller lights below the object. These lights were yellow.

Afterwards the object moved towards the city of Cremona.

The day after, at 8.30 a.m., a boy living in Cremona saw a red coloured UFO flying near the Duomo (Cathedral) of Cremona. This UFO changed its colour from red to white and then it disappeared.

Two other events took place in Cremona province. On february 26 a boy saw a red coloured UFO flying over Cremona, and on March 2, a white light has been observed for 5 minutes by a witness in San Martino di Cremona. This light had a zigzag trajectory.

Source: CUN Milan, CUN Peschiera Borromeo, CUN Cremona