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Centro Ufologico Nazionale
UFO news - Apr. 10Th 1998

UFO filmed in Borlezza Valley

On January 10 1998 at 8.15 p.m. in Clusone, a little town near Bergamo (Northern Italy)

a boy decided to inform a local television network about a strange unidentified object that was hovering on Cerete (Borlezza Valley). One of the network cameramen immediately informed two colleagues and his superior, filming that event for three minutes. It was a stationary blinking light. The day after (11 January) the same boy saw a similar light on Pizzo Formico mount and a family who was walking in a pine-wood near Fiorine di Clusone saw another similar light.

On february 13 the object appeared again and was filmed by a TV cameraman.

Source: CUN Milano, CUN Bergamo