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Centro Ufologico Nazionale


This web site is run by the Italian National Ufologic Center (CUN), department of Monza and Brianza.

If you are a UFO researcher or simply if you are involved with UFO's and you wish to contact us, please feel free to use the e-mail address below. We will be pleased to exchange information and ufologic material with you.

And now, a few words about us.
The CUN department of Monza and Brianza was founded on october 1997 by Marco Fornari, a UFO researcher and writer, member of the CUN .
The main purpose of the Italian National Ufologic Center, department of Monza and Brianza is to coordinate the UFO research in a limited area of Northern Italy. This area includes the Northern province of Milan, the city of Monza and the Brianza territory.
Another important aim is to spread the knowledge about ufology in cooperation with the other departments of the CUN.

If you return at the Home Page I suggest you to click on "Links ad altri siti CUN" (Italian language).
If you do so, you could visit many other Italian CUN sites. In some of them you’ll find an English version.

Thank you for your attention.